Welcome to your client page. Please use this page to access your client homework and final design files. It's a good idea to bookmark this page for future reference so that you can easily access your files in the future.

Client Homework

*NOTE: All three steps above must be completed for our initial 1-hour project meeting scheduled 1-week before your project start date.

Step 1: Branding timeline

Click on the button below to review my branding timeline. This process is designed so that I can focus on one client at a time, you! I ask that you be available at all times during your project so that we remain on schedule. If you have any questions about my timeline and process please reach out to me.

Step 2: Branding Questionnaire

Click on the link about to view your branding questionnaire. Once opened clink on the blue "Fill a Copy" button in the upper right hand corner of the page. In the pop-up window click on the blue "Fill Copy" button. Please answer each question. When finished click on the green "Finalize Document" in the upper right hand corner of the page.

For additional help answering the questions please view my blog archives page. I've written posts pertaining to each question to better guide you in the branding process.

Step 3: Pinterest Board

This is the fun part. Now that you have a clear vision of your business it's time to get inspired by design. Start by creating a Pinterest board and label it "Identity Ideas".

Next find pictures that represent the three words that you picked in question 5 of the branding questionnaire to describe your style. Don’t limit yourself to a certain amount of pictures. Revisit your pins occasionally to make sure you don’t stray from those three words.

Once finished share your board with me. On your board click "Edit" then in the Collaborators section type in Kelly Conti | Red Lantern Creative. Lastly click "Invite". I'll be able to access your board and pin a few of my own images.


Here you can download all of your logo files for print and web. If you are in need of a different file size please let me know and I'll post it. For a more detailed explanation about your different logo file formats at please download my quick reference guide below.

Brand Style Guide, Patterns & Fonts

Here you can download your brand style guide and patterns. A piece of advice, to keep your branding consistent send ALL of your employees your brand style guide, not just your designers. Include it in your welcome package for new employees.

Business Cards

Here you can download your business card. These are editable .PDF files however, you need Adobe Illustrator to do so. The files have been prepared to print with Moo. See instructions below.

Business Card Printing Instructions:

1. Download your business card files to your computer
2. Go to www.moo.com and hover over Products -> Business Cards -> then click on Upload a complete design
3. Click on the green button Upload complete designs
4. Click on Upload your front -> then Upload a photo or design and select BusinessCard_Front.PDF from your computer
5. You'll see a preview of your design. DO NOT edit the design.
6. Click on the green button Upload backs -> Upload your back -> Upload a photo or design and select BusinessCard_Back.PDF from your computer
7. You'll see another preview. DO NOT edit the design.
8. Click on the green button Quality & paper and choose your paper quality, corners, a finish and quantity.
9. Click Review & purchase -> Add to cart -> then complete your checkout!

How to website videos & passwords

Here you will find everything you need to remember about your new website from How-to Videos to Usernames and Passwords. 


How-to videos


Logins & Passwords

Squarespace: Website host
Username: sheilahmichaels@aol.com
Password: caulder64

1&1: Domain name host
Username: jfarnell111@gmail.com
Password: Jfarnell111!
Customer ID: 476113168
PIN: 5416

Canva: Resource templates
Username: sheilahmichaels@aol.com
Password: Caulder64!

MailChimp: Email list
Username: sheilahmichaels@aol.com
Password: Caulder64!