Oooh this project was so much fun from the start. From the first meeting I was ecstatic to help Sheilah create her new brand.

When Sheilah first reached out about a redesign she was looking for a more mature design to match her style as well as her target market. Located in North Carolina her clientele expected a certain high-end experience.

Excited to begin on the redesign Sheilah chose three words to describe her new brand: classic, simple, and earthly.

With those words in mind we created an inspiration board keeping with an earthy color palette. From there I had everything I needed to create a beautiful new brand.

Once the primary logo and alternate logo were complete creating the patterns and business cards was fun. I am over the moon with the final branding! 

After the branding was complete I worked with Sheilah to create a one-of-a-kind website. I had Sheilah complete my website workbook and the rest of the design easily fell into place. 

Take a peek at the new Sheilah Michaels mini brand style guide, inspiration board, business cards, and website!


Sheila Michaels

Project details:

Mini Brand Package + Business Cards + Website




I was so honored to work on this project. Aalap Shah is the owner of SoMe Connect, a Digital Media Agency in Chicago. I've been fortunate to provide freelance design work for his company for the past few years. This project however was extra special because I was given the opportunity to brand his personal consultant business.

Aalap is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and philanthropist. He is passionate about digital marketing strategy, search engine optimization and content development which, is evident in the 100+ speeches he's given at reputable events in the last three years. Aalap was looking for branding and a website that captured his enthusiasm and passion for his work.

After careful consideration we decided upon three words to describe his new brand: modern, techie, and bold. The three words spoke directly to the technology focused target market he was looking to attract.

After a few concepts we very quickly settled upon the logo and with the addition of the blue and yellow colors we hit a home run. Aalap's logo screams modern technology guru.

Once the primary logo was complete I set to work designing the website. The web design had to cater to three different markets:

1. Entrepreneurs looking for an SEO consultation
2. Companies interested in hiring Aalap to speak at their events
3. Business owners looking for marketing advice

Each page of Aalap's website was crafted to move any one of the three target customers through his website effortlessly! I am so happy with the final product. Take a look at Aalap's final logo and website wireframes above.


Aalap Shah

Project details:

Logo Design + Web Design Wireframes




Business proposals are some of my favorite branding assets to work on. A professional business proposal can make your business stand out from the rest. Unfortunately many entrepreneurs don't have custom branded proposals as they should. That's why I was so excited to work with Karmany on their proposal.

Karmany is a digital platform for development professionals in India to share knowledge and opportunities, whether it be a job posting or articles relating to career development. Karmany is a community connecting professionals to one another both on and offline.

Karmany is passionate about creating a space for all development professionals and organizations to find and share financially stable work solving development challenges, exchange information and ideas, and drive awareness for the sector. Karmany's business proposal needed to capture the essence of their purpose as well as clearly define the benefits of belonging to their community.

I requested only a word document of copy and was given the freedom to add my creative touch. We are so happy with the final result. Take a look at Karmany's business proposal!



Project details:

Business Proposal




Christina, owner of Paradigm Behavior, is one of the hardest working woman entrepreneurs that I know. She is so passionate about her work with special needs children and has made it her mission to provide helpful resources to educate families and improve their daily routines at home. So when Christina reached out to me to help her create branding and a sales page for her Road Map to ABA Parent Training program I gladly accepted the challenge.

Creating a sales page is no easy task. It requires a high level understanding of the target market in order to guide the path to purchase for the consumer. Each section in the sales page needs to push the reader to convert. The branding also plays a huge role in a product launch. It could make or break the sale.

Christina came prepared with her market details and we collectively designed the branding and sales page over the course of a few weeks.

Take a peek at the project above and view the live page here!


Paradigm Behavior

Project details:

Sales Page Design




Work comes from all over when you're an online boutique business owner. I was so grateful to have Melissa, owner of Sparkle Events, contact me to create the branding and campaign collateral for her client Alan Roscetti.

For this particular project I quickly joined the campaign team and began work on Alan's branding. We discussed a few different logo options ranging from classic to a more modern and simplistic concept. The three final descriptive words we decided upon were: classic, symbolic, and strong.

A classic font was used in Alan's first and Middle name as well as the City Court Judge copy. I wanted his last name to be the focus of the logo so I used a bold font with a strong red color to catch the eye. Then added the gavel to reiterate the position Alan was running for.

We wanted his campaign to stand out as fun, relatable, and recognizable. By using strong colors, diagonal lines and clean/fresh imagery we set his campaign out from the rest.

Take a peek above at Alan's final campaign logo, as well as his business cards and campaign flyer.


Alan James Roscetti

Project details:

Mini Brand Package + Campaign Collateral




Website wireframes designs have become my favorite projects. I love the challenge of thinking like the consumer and guiding them through a website. So when Bridal Dialog approached me to create a new website for their business I was more than excited to start.

Bridal Dialog approached engagement ring buying from a whole new perspective, which made the website a fun challenge. Instead of just showing rings and ring prices on their website they instead wanted the customer to have a more personal ring buying experience.

Most often their clients are not well versed in the ring industry and have no idea what to buy. Being the ring specialists Bridal Dialog's main objective with their website was to get the potential client into the store for an appointment.

The main difference from other ring websites was that Bridal Dialog wanted their client to chose a few settings, diamond shapes, price range and set up an appointment online via a form on their homepage. Then when their client walked into their store it would be a truly personalized and unique experience with the engagement ring specialist having already prepared their selection for viewing. Awesome, right!?

I truly enjoyed working on this project. You can see how the website came together above or by viewing their website here!


Bridal Dialog

Project details:

Web Design Wireframes