Why Blogging is the Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Business

Why Blogging is the Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Business

If you have an online business you need to be blogging. Blogging took my business from dormant to booming in a few short months. I'll tell you how.

You can't just build it and think they'll come

That's a lesson I learned the hard way. When I originally opened shop online I built my website, created my products and then expected clients and sales. It doesn't work that way. Sure my social media accounts helped bring people to my site but it was minimal traffic at best and I wasn't reaching my target market. The only thing I was sharing on social media was my products and these days that's not the way to go. Potential clients want to know the people behind the brand before they make a purchase. Blogging is the way to do that.

Soon after my son was born I became more motivated than ever to make my business successful. I rebranded my company and then took my first big leap into blogging. It was hard at first but I can say now that blogging was the single most important thing I did for my business. Blogging has grown my business in so many ways and it will do the same for you.

6 ways blogging has changed my business:

1. I'm attracting my target market

When blogging it's important to understand you're not blogging to everyone. Just like your services and products are not for everyone. You need to niche. Choosing a niche allowed me to focus my blog on my target market. After studying my target market I learned that my audience likes posts about helpful tips and trick to running a business and blog. So that's what I write about and now I'm attracting my ideal audience.

2. My traffic and Page views have increased significantly

Over the last 6 months of blogging my website traffic has grown over 900% and continues to grow at a rapid rate. Blogging brings people to my website who otherwise would never have never found me. If you're strictly an online business like me and don't own a storefront than online traffic and word of mouth are the only ways to reach potential clients. Blogging clearly plays a huge role in driving traffic and increasing page views. Getting people to my site was the main goal when I started blogging.

3. I've Established Myself As an expert In My Field

Blogging establishes trust with potential clients and readers. People get to know more about me and my business while reading my blog. They also see first hand my knowledge on topics while learning actionable advice for their own businesses. It's a win win situation. Blogging has also boosted my own confidence. Before blogging I was a bit of an introvert. Now that I'm putting myself out there I feel more confident in my skills and business.

4. I've grown a following on social media

Like I mentioned prior to blogging I was sharing only business related posts. And because I was only sharing salesy content I wasn't posting often which didn't help me grow a following. Now that I'm blogging I have an abundance of helpful articles to share on all of my social media platforms daily. Plus my followers share my content and now my social media presence is growing. My Pinterest account is growing at a rate of 63% weekly! Creating a successful social media presence is all about sharing. If you have stuff to share than you're halfway there.

5. I've grown my email list

After blogging growing an email list is the second most important thing I've done for my business. Without blogging it wouldn't have been possible. I'm gaining email subscribers daily because of the tips, guides, worksheets and templates I'm sharing on the blog. Prior to blogging my email list was comprised of past clients, which was great when I was looking for referrals. But to make my email list work for my business I needed to attract new potential clients to subscribe to my list. Here's a fun fact: People are two times more likely to purchase from your company after they've joined your email list.

6. I've gained new clients

My increase in clients is a direct result of blogging. Clients have found me on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook groups because they came to my site to read my blog. I've also made really great business connections on social networks because of my blog.

Blogging will have a tremendous impact on your business

The advice I'd give to anyone starting an online business is to start a blog immediately. I didn't and I wish I had. It takes time to grow a following but the reward is worth it. I am not a writer and thought it'd be too hard for me to blog. I was so wrong. If you think of it as a business necessity than it's easier to get over your initial nerves and push through. You can do it. Feel free to visit my blogging category for more tips to help you get started and become a great blogger!

Are you considering starting a blog for your business? What's holding you back? I'd love to hear your struggles and successes below.