How to Write Copy for Your Website That Converts


The task of crafting copy for your website can be daunting but with the right guidance it’s a lot easier than you think. I'll tell you what to include.

Before jumping right in and creating copy it’s important to understand your potential clients and their journey to become a paying customer. Businesses refer to this as the sales funnel.

What’s a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a marketing term that relates to a buyers journey. To get potential clients to become a buyer businesses need to nurture that lead to drive them to make a purchase.

Businesses set up sales funnels for a variety of marketing campaigns, i.e. to sell a product, introduce new services, build brand awareness, etc.


A sales funnel can be set up a variety of ways:

1. A free email course with intentional marketing messages and a service/product pitch

2. Through paid media by creating advertisements on social networks to drive traffic to specific landing pages

3. Organically though sharing blog articles across social media platforms

4. By producing audio, or video lessons or by creating webinars to sell a service/product


So what does a sales funnel have to do with your website?

Your website is your ultimate sales funnel. If a new visitor lands on your homepage your copy needs to be crafted to get them to continue down the buyers journey!

Take a moment and put yourself into your customers shoes. How are you going to get your new website visitor to become a paying customer?

Do I have you thinking? I bet I do ... now let me help you craft your website!


The Ultimate Website Workbook


The Ultimate Website Workbook is a 26 page workbook instructing you step-by-step what to write on each page of your website to move new visitors through your sales funnel and get them to become paying customers.

Ultimate Website Workbook

This workbook is perfect for you if ...

You're totally lost on how to write copy for your website.

You have copy but are not getting any sales or customers.


You're looking for best practices to take your website to the next level.

It's a passion of mine to not only create stellar brands but also to energize my clients to truly love their new brand and collateral and feel very positive about their business and goals.

That's why I really love this workbook! Clients are raving about how the ultimate website workbook has made them look at their website in a whole new way and they couldn't be more happy with the direction of their business.

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