How to Start the Rebranding Process

How to Start the Rebranding Process

Are you thinking about rebranding your company, but not sure where to start? I've got some advice to start your companies rebranding off on the right path.

Why the rebrand?

Before you start down the rebranding road you need to have clarity on why you are choosing to rebrand. Without clarity you're not fully ready to change your image. There are tons of reasons for needing a rebrand. Do you fit into any of the following categories?

1. Previous branding hasn't grown with the business

Maybe your company has been around for awhile and you followed a trend when you branded. Or your current branding doesn't speak to your companies values. Perhaps you've changed and your company is not inline with your future plans. With age we change. I'm sure your style, values, etc. have changed do to experiences and life lessons. I rebranded after I became a Mom. Sounds abrupt but motherhood changed me and I had an incredible sense of clarity and motivation to revisit my business strategy and services. Once I did that I concluded my previous branding was not going to help me grow my company.

2. Branding doesn't speak to target audience

I've learned that with small businesses their branding is more focused on their style and less geared towards their target audience. For example you started your photography business out of college and you have a very bubbly personality. You choose bright colors and a bold font for your branding. Years later after hundreds of rustic wedding jobs you realize that you've found a niche. Your bubbly branding is not attracting your ideal customer. It's time to rebrand for your niche.

Same goes for large corporations. Maybe the company started off selling a certain kind of product but over the years their product line has changed. If that's the case is your branding still speaking to your target audience?

3. Lack of branding

Starting a business is a lot of work and for most quite an investment. Typically branding does not get much of the initial investment because at the time it didn't seem important. Businesses might settle on just a logo "for now". If this is you then you've realized that successful branding is much more than a logo. It's colors, patters, fonts, imagery, stationery, social media visuals, and web design. Cohesive branding is so important for your companies success. To be easily recognized you need to be using the same branding on everything. If you only have a logo then you've only started creating a brand. It's time to finish the process.

4. To shed a negative image

Sometimes things don't go right. Companies experience bad publicity for one reason or another. If the companies sales are hurting than starting over with a new brand is a good business strategy. This happens more than you think.

5. Stand out from competitors

Another really great business strategy is to stay current. Large corporations invest big money in brand strategy and often rebrand due to staying ahead of the competition. For example the current trend is to eat healthy. A lot of fast food restaurants over the past decade have put millions of dollars into new branding strategies that incorporate fresh food. I can't think of one fast food company that hasn't changed their branding/brand message. Perhaps your noticing that your competitors are changing their branding. It's time for you to do the same as well.

How to start the rebranding process

If you fit into any of the above categories it's time for a rebrand. Before you start picking your new colors you need to understand your business goals. The good news is that you have an advantage over new companies. You've been around the block, so to speak and you've seen what works and doesn't work for your customers. You have more knowledge and experience to make your new branding successful. So how do you get started rebranding?

Fill out a branding questionnaire! I have every client fill out my branding questionnaire. The questionnaire makes my clients refocus on their business by revisiting their values, services, target market, and style. Whether it's the first time the client is branding or if it's a rebrand the branding questionnaire is my go to worksheet.

Get access to my Branding Questionnaire! Subscribe to my free resource library and as a bonus you'll receive my Branding Questionnaire just for singing up! My library contains a bunch of helpful worksheets, printables and guides.

Branding Questionnaire

Don't rush rebranding

My best advice for clients investing in rebranding is not to rush the process. Whether you are needing a fresh start with a new business name or if you're thinking about refreshing your current image it's important to focus on the underlining reasons of the rebrand so you can be successful with your new branding. 

I'd love to work with you on your rebranding. Feel free to check out my branding packages and contact me with any questions.

What's your motivation to rebrand your company? Share with me in the comments section below.