How to Create a Logo and Brand In 1-Week

How to create a logo and brand in 1-week

Yes, you can create a logo and brand in 1-week. I'll show you how BUT, there's a lot of prep work before the design process begins. Understanding your business, target market, values and vision are all part of the process. (See my past post on How to Start the Branding Process). Only then are you ready to begin the design process. Read on to see how I create a logo and brand for my clients in 1-week.

Prior to the design process:

I get to know my client and their business

When my client books a branding project with me there's a few steps they have to complete before we begin the design process. I give my clients homework. They are required to complete my 6-question branding questionnaire. The questionnaire helps them get to the heart of their business. Then I have them create a Pinterest board focusing on three descriptive words noted in the branding questionnaire. One week prior to my clients' project start date we have an initial project meeting to go over their homework so that I can get to know their business and their vision.

My 1 -week branding process:

Day 1: I create an Inspiration board

On the first day of the project I create an inspiration board from the images my clients pinned to their Pinterest board. I’ll add any additional images that I think convey their three descriptive words noted in the branding questionnaire. (Read my post on How to Create an Inspiration Board in 3 Easy Steps). I'll have this approved by my client that same day. Then I'll keep it on my screen for the week for inspiration and direction.


Days 2-4: I create logo designs

You can't create a logo in a day. I reserve days 2-4 to create logo concepts. It's quite the process. (See my post on 8 Tips for Logo Design Success). I'll create 5+ logo designs each with different fonts. I'll design them in black and white first. Then I'll choose 3 of my favorite concepts and add colors. I present these three designs to my client for review. They can request 2 additional revisions and at the end of day 4 they choose their final design.


Day 5: I create an alternate logo and brand elements

On day 5 I’ll create an alternate logo and brand elements like patterns. The alternate logo is a smaller version of your logo incorporating elements of your main logo. It’s typically used for social media or for blog graphics. The alternate logo and patterns are approved by the end of the day.


Day 6: I'll create a mini brand style guide

My clients mini brand style guide includes their primary logo, alternate logo, color values, font and pattern choices. This guide can be used as a reference for my clients and their employees to refer to when creating additional brand collateral. (Read my past post on What is a Brand Style Guide?). 


Day 7: Project completion day

On day 7 I send my client their final invoice, and upload their logo file, fonts, and mini brand style guide to their password protected client page. We'll have one final meeting to go over all of their files and then the project comes to a close.

You can create a logo and brand in 1-week

Creating a project workflow and setting expectations goes a long way. Having my client excited and prepared prior to the creative process makes this all doable. Before this timeline the logo and branding process would go on for weeks which was not beneficial to anyone. My clients and myself just weren't prepared.

So before you begin to create your logo and brand make sure you really understand your business and put time into creating meaningful inspiration. All the prep work will be worth it. I promise!

Are you interested in working with me through the branding process? Don't hesitate to check out my branding packages and reach out! Or if you're not quite ready check out my archives page for more branding tips and helpful resources.