How to Create an Inspiration Board in 3 Easy Steps

How to create an inspiration board in 3 easy steps

"I think I know what I want (for my logo, website, etc.) but I can't explain my vision." We've all been there, graphic designers and creative entrepreneurs alike. Creating an inspiration board for your project can help you avoid frustration and bring clarity to your vision. Let's walk through my steps to creating a killer inspiration board that will get you and your graphic designer excited to start your project.

Create an Inspiration Board

Step 1: Choose 3 keywords

Before you can start creating your board you need to define what you're looking for. If you start pinning tons of photos you "think" will explain your concept you risk creating a broad with an in-cohesive style and a blurred vision. For example, when re-branding my business I chose 3 words that described my style/target audience. (Check out my previous articles explaining how I chose these words:  3 Tips to Define Your Target MarketHow Choosing 3 Words To Describe Your Style Can Help Brand Your Company). My three words were classic, feminine and timeless.


Step 2: Create a Board on Pinterest and Start Pinning

Pinterest is my go to social network for creating inspiration boards. Start by creating a new board and label it "(name of project) ideas". I'd suggest making this board private. Then start pinning images that pertain to your 3 keywords. There's no magic number for the amount of images you should pin. Just don't stray from your keywords. My tip is when you think you're done scan through your board and say your keywords aloud. Remove the pins that you don't think accurately reflect those words. Feel free to pin colors, fonts and design styles that pertain to your keywords. A few examples I pinned for my board were feminine fonts, classic colors and timeless branding:

pinterest board


Step 3: Create Your Inspiration Board

Once you are done pinning choose eight images that represent your vision the best. Save them to a folder on your desktop. Now your ready to create your inspiration board. To get started download my FREE Inspiration Board Template. This template is a PSD file for Photoshop users. The file contains instructions on how to work with the board. When working with clients I have them share their board with me and I do this step for them.

To access my template all you need to do is subscribe to my FREE resource library. My library contains helpful worksheets, printables and guides.

Free inspiration board template

Once finished you'll feel confident that you've interpreted your vision. You may even surprise yourself. The final direction may not be what you were originally thinking. That's okay. Clarity helps refine your thoughts.

Here's a look at my final inspiration board:

Red Lantern Creative Inspiration Board

Put Your Board to Use

Yeah, now it's time to share your board with your graphic designer and start your project! As a designer I create inspiration boards all the time. I'll keep the inspiration board open on my desktop so it's constantly in view while I'm working on the project. Good luck, be creative and have fun. If you're using my template I'd love to see your inspiration boards! Please share.