Create a Resource Library to Grow Your Email List

Create a Resource Library to Grow Your Email List

Get serious about growing your online business by creating a resource library. Use it to house your content upgrades or as an opt-in and watch your list grow.

What is a resource library?

Let’s start at the beginning. A resource library is a password protected landing page housing a digital collection of worksheets, printables, guides and templates created to help your specific niche. Here’s a snapshot of my library as a reference:

Resource Library Example


Why create a resource library?

There are many positives to creating a resource library for your online business. Let me touch on a few:


Reason 1: To house multiple content upgrades

If you’ve gotten serious about blogging then I’m sure you’ve started creating content upgrades for your blog posts.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term a ‘content upgrade’ is nothing more than downloadable content in exchange for an email address. Bloggers add downloadable content into their posts as further reading on a particular topic.

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Content upgrades provide a lot value to your business. They position you as an expert in your field, and they help grow your email list! Which, as I’ve said before, is the most important thing you can do for your business.

Creating one content upgrade is a great start. You’ll see however that the more content upgrades you create the faster your email list will grow. Maybe one reader is not interested in one of your guides but is SUPER interested in another. By creating multiple upgrades you’re reaching a broader audience.

The tricky part is delivering your upgrades to your readers.

In the related post above I walk you through how to deliver your first content upgrade for free using MailChimp’s ‘Forever Free’ plan. If you have multiple content upgrades than you need to create a free resource library so that after your reader has subscribed to your list to get your initial content upgrade they don’t have to subscribe again for any additional upgrades.

Reason 2: As an opt-in freebie

Growing an email list takes tactics. Content upgrades are one part of the equation to drive subscription growth. The other is to advertise your free resource library!

Offer your readers options to join your list. They may join your list because they want to download one of your content upgrades or you may win them over by giving them access to your resource library.

I'll give you some examples of what I mean.

In my blog posts I provide a link to download my content upgrade:

Content Upgrade Example


Then I add a subscription form at the end of every blog post to subscribe to my free resource library:

Join My Library Example


The reader is added to the same email list whether they download the upgrade or subscribe via the form. They both get access to the library and I get a new lead and potential client.

Another way to advertise your library is to add it to your social media accounts. You’ll want to start by creating a separate landing page to advertise your library. See my landing page.

Then add the new landing page link to your social media profiles.

I added my landing page link to my Pinterest profile, "Access my FREE library of business resources >":

Pinterest Profile


And for my Facebook Business Page I use my cover image to advertise my library and link the Sign Up button to my landing page:

Facebook Business Page


Have I convinced you to create a resource library yet? Yes! Then you’ll love the tutorial I’ve created for you!

Learn how to create a free resource library in Squarespace with my step-by-step tutorial. To get the tutorial all you need to do is subscribe to my free resource library. My library is filled with worksheets, printables, guides, and templates designed specifically for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs!

Resource Library Tutorial

Once you get access to my library make sure you check out the Content Upgrade Tutorial as well which is Part 1 in the series.

Setting up a resource library does take some work to build and stock however you’ll see the benefits in your list growth and your personal growth as an online entrepreneur. Since I’ve created a library I’m motivated to create valuable downloadable content for my subscribers every month.

Let me know … did you find my tutorial helpful? If you have any questions ask away in the comments below.