Blogging Tips on How to Convert a First Time Reader Into a Follower

Blogging Tips on How to Convert a First Time Reader Into a Follower

Gaining blog followers takes more than writing a good post. Let me fill you in on blogging tips that will make that first time reader a follower. Read on ...

5 Blogging Tips to Gain Followers

1. Write perfect blog posts

Alright I know, nobody's perfect BUT there is a way to write better blog posts that will keep people coming back to your blog. Writing great content is certainly important but if that content is nestled in long paragraphs without headers and no calls-to-action then no one is going to read it and they won't become a follower. Having structure in your posts will make your content more appealing. It's really pretty simple to do. Check out my past post on How to Consistently Write Perfect Blog Posts. Structuring your posts will also help you become a better writer. That's something every blogger strives for.


2. Provide Content Upgrades in Your Blog Posts

Content upgrades have become really popular. A content upgrade is a printable, worksheet or guide that you offer your readers to download that directly relates to your post. For example in my past post, 4 Essential Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Have I offer my readers three free worksheets, my ideas worksheet, editorial calendar, and my SEO checklist in exchange for their email address. This does three things. It provides an added value to the reader, positions me as an expert, and will keep my business top of mind when they use my printables. You don't have to provide three downloads but always consider adding a content upgrade to your post if it could benefit your reader.


3. Engage your reader by asking them questions

If you want your readers to engage with your post then you have to make it known. At the end of every post ask your readers what they think, or if they have anything to add. It's a simple way to connect with your readers and it let's them know that you want to hear from them. Blogging is not a one way street. Successful bloggers create connections with their readers. Sure, they're coming to you because your the expert but engagement builds connections which builds a following.

Here's more blogging tips: Reply to all comments and personally address the writer. For instance if Sarah Smith writes, "Great post! Thanks for sharing." write back, "You're welcome, Sarah Smith!". Acknowledging your reader shows that you appreciate them.


4. Add Your Newsletter Signup at the End of Your Post

Star this step! My subscription rate went from stagnant to a steady increase in subscribers in only a few short weeks when I added a signup form to the end of every post. By placing my signup form at the end of a post I know my reader will see it and if they liked my post they're more likely to subscribe. As soon as they subscribe then you've successfully gained a follower. Now keep that follower!

When they give you their email address you should give them something in return. When readers subscribe to my newsletter they get access to my free library of business resources and as an added bonus my free branding questionnaire. Plus every Thursday they receive my business tips newsletter. Additionally, I keep my subscribers engaged by adding content to the my free library monthly. Yes, it's a bit of work but to gain a successful following you have to be willing to help your audience.


5. Add thumbnail images of related posts

Below your newsletter signup form add a related posts section. This is a crucial step to turn your reader into a follower. By adding this section you are introducing even more of your posts that they might be interested in. Maybe they didn't convert to a follower after reading your first post but after they've read a second post they realize they like what you have to say. Without this section you're left hoping your reader will search your blog for related content. Make it easy for them and in return you'll reap the benefits.

Plus as an added benefit your related posts section will help you decrease your websites bounce rate. Your bounce rate is calculated by the number of people that enter your site and then leave without interacting with any other pages. When you direct your reader to more pages on your site your bounce rate will go down. A lower bounce rate is good for SEO.

Building a following is hard work but it's very rewarding

You can do this! But remember to set realistic goals. You won't gain a following over night. So keep working at it and implement my five blogging tips in every blog post to gain followers. In time all your hard work will pay off.

Do you have anything to add? I'd love to hear your successes or your struggles.