8 Tips For Logo Design Success

8 tips for logo design success

Creating the perfect logo design for your brand is essential. People remember the good, the bad and the ugly. Your logo is unique to you. If it looks unprofessional that could have a really big impact on your business. We all judge a book by it's cover (even though we try hard not to). A first impression, in this case your logo has to be a good one. Here's some tips to help you create a great logo to attract your ideal clients.

How to create the perfect logo design:

1: Understand Your Target Audience

You can't create a winning logo if you don't know your audience. Seriously put some thought into this. It could have a huge impact on your band if you don't. Check out my 3 Tips to Define Your Target Market post.


2: Create An Inspiration Board

You might have some great ideas of what you want your logo to look like. Capture your vision in an inspiration board. Whether its you or a graphic designer creating your logo you'll see a huge benefit in conceptualizing your ideas ahead of time. If you're not sure how to go about doing this check out my post on How to Create an Inspiration Board in 3 Easy Steps.


3: Check Out Some Fonts

Typography is key to a good logo. Are you thinking a script font or maybe a classic serif font? My go to for amazing fonts is CreativeMarket.com. They have so many SUPER AFFORDABLE fonts to choose from. You can experiment with the fonts by typing in your company name into the "Type some text..." section at the bottom of the page. Stick with one or two fonts for your logo. A script font pairs really well with a sans-serif font. Check out my font paring guide for some guidance.

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4: Design in Black and White

It's basic I know, but I always start my designs in black and white. A logo needs to look good in color and black and white. Designing without color makes me focus on the overall layout.


5: Create at Least 5 Logo Concepts

Create 5, 10, 15+ however many you want but just don't make less than 5 logo concepts. You may think concept 2 is perfect but keep going. Concept 5 might be better or give you ideas on how to make concept 2 better. You can't design the perfect logo in a day! Come back to it with a clear mind. You need to create more designs, revisit and revise.


6: Research Colors

Look at your inspiration board. Do you notice certain colors, vibes, styles? The overall style of your brand should play a big part in the colors you choose. Don't go with this years trends. You want your logo to last. That vibrant green that's in style now may not transfer in 10 years. A good example is the 1990's. I'm sorry but purple, teal and pink do not go well together.


7: Make Logo Variations

Your logo will be placed in a variety of locations. For instance if you've created a stacked logo you'll want to make a horizontal variation. Also, think of creating a variation for social media. Those little profile squares don't leave much room for horizontal logos.


8: Ask For Feedback

When you're the only eye's on a project you might be bias. Ask others what they think. Be open to positive and negative feedback. Some of my best designs have been inspired by suggestions.

Go Forth and Create!

There you have it. Pretty simple tips for a successful logo design. Now create something wonderful or ... I can create something wonderful for you. Connect with me!