3 Social Media Images You Should Be Creating With Every Blog Post

3 Social Media Images You Should Be Creating With Every Blog Post

You should be creating at least 3 social media images for every blog post. I'll show you which platforms you need to create images for. Plus, there's freebies!

What are the 3 platforms?

Before I can hit publish on my blog post I have to create an image to go along with my post. While there's no specific size for blog post images it's become the norm to create a Pinterest friendly image. But wait there's more. After my post is published I want to share it on social media. Sure, I can share my link to Facebook and Twitter BUT without an image associated to the post its far less likely to be seen, let alone shared by my followers. So what to I do? I create 3 images for every blog post.


Image 1: Blog/Pinterest

Vertical images perform much better on Pinterest than horizontal or square images. Images are formatted to have a specific width on Pinterest however, image height is not fixed. So the longer images take up more space and catch the viewers attention. Which in turn leads to more likes and repins. Knowing that tip the best size to create your Blog/Pinterest image is 735px x 1102px (px = pixels).

The Perfect Blog/Pinterest Image Size: 735px x 1102px


Image 2: Facebook

The next image I create is a Facebook image. I'm sure you're aware that when you add a link to a Facebook post Facebook will show an image associated with the link. Often times that image gets cropped and doesn't look good. The work around is to create an image to attached to the post. The recommended image size is 1200px x 628px. Here's an example of what I mean:

Here's an example of Facebook pulling a thumbnail image:

Facebook Thumbnail Image

Here's what the same post looks like with a designed image attached to the post:

Facebook Attached Image

The designed image looks clean and doesn't have duplicate copy. Option 2 is a clear winner for me! How do your images looked cropped?

The Perfect Facebook Post Image Size: 1200px x 628px


Image 3: Twitter

The third social media image I create is for Twitter. "Research has shown that Tweets with photos get 313% more engagement." - Twitter. The prime lifetime of a tweet lasts about 18 minutes. If you don't want your tweet to get lost in that short lifespan attach an image. The recommended image size for twitter is 1024px x 512px.

The Perfect Twitter Image Size: 1024px x 512px

Create your own social media images!

I hope this article brings you clarity in the ever changing world of social media. As a blogger knowing these tips can really help get your post seen, shared and attract a following. To get started creating the 3 social media images download my FREE templates! These templates are PSD files for Photoshop users. The files contain instructions on how to work with the templates. I've created a Pinterest template, Facebook template, and a twitter template. To access my social media image templates all you need to do is subscribe to my FREE resource library. My library contains helpful worksheets, printables and guides.

Pinterest Image Template

Pinterest Image Template

Facebook Image Template

Facebook Image Template

Twitter Image Template

Twitter Image Template

How many images do you create for your blog posts? I'd love to hear your strategies in the comments below!