3 Reasons Why a Graphic Designer Can Improve Your Social Media Campaigns

3 Reasons Why a Graphic Designer Can Improve Your Social Media Campaigns

As a business owner it's clear to you that visual marketing is essential for your social media campaigns. Here are 3 reasons why you need a graphic designer:


1. Knowledge

As you’re aware social media marketing is time consuming. You’ve researched the social networks your audience hangs out on and now your ready to create a social media presence. To get the attention of your audience it takes thoughtful planning and execution.

A graphic designer can help assess your social media visual needs. A designer is knowledgeable about the different image sizes for each of the social media platforms. For example you know that your audience resides on Pinterest. A designer can create a template for your Pinterest images that is the perfect size to get your pin seen and stays on brand. This will save you time in the long run and will propel your branding.


2. Expertise

As if trying to remember the correct image size for each social media platform isn’t hard enough there’s even more to know about ad campaigns sizes. On Facebook there are different objectively based ad campaigns you can run and of course, different ad sizes. A graphic designer would know that if you want to run a “Page Likes” campaign the dimensions of the ad should be 1200 x 444 pixels. Or maybe you want to run a Facebook campaign that drives potential clients to your website. That ad image would need to be sized 1200 x 628 pixels. Plus, have you ever heard of the Facebook 20% text rule? The rule states that your ad image cannot contain more than 20% text. A designer would know how to design the ad to get your image approved.

A designer is also an expert on how to visually portray your content. Infographics, how-to guides, and check list's all drive engagement. These are fundamental items your business should be creating along with content to drive traffic to your website, capture email subscriptions and land conversions.


3. Efficiency

Time management and productivity can make or break a company. For me building my business is 40% client work and 60% business maintenance and marketing. It seems pretty unbalanced but you can’t just build it and think people will come. How is your time spent?

A graphic designer can help you be more efficient with your marketing. You can save time by partnering with a designer to not only make all of your social media image templates but also to create your visuals on a monthly basis. Think about how much time you could put back into your business and your customers if you didn’t have to worry about coming up with your content and creating your visuals. Templates, collaboration, and delegating will improve your productivity.


A graphic designer can do so much for your business. A common misconception is that you only need a designer for your logo and business cards. That just isn’t the case anymore. Social media campaigns rely on visuals. Hiring a graphic designer is an investment. But it’s an investment that will bring you clients and save you time. It’s a win win! You’re an expert at you business and an experienced graphic designer is an expert at theirs. Let an experienced graphic designer help you improve your social media campaigns.

I’d love to help you with your social media visuals, how-to guides, eBooks, email newsletters, etc. Feel free to check out my services and contact me if you think I’d be a good fit.

How have you been creating your own social media visuals? Do you think it’s time to invest in a graphic designer? I’d love to hear what you think below.