The NEW Red Lantern Creative

New Red Lantern Creative

I am proud to announce the launch of our NEW branding and website today! It's been a very rewarding experience and I hope you all like the new look. When I first launched Red Lantern Creative back in January of 2011, I had a sense of urgency to get my branding and website up as soon as possible so I could start working with clients. Back then I loved the look of my branding and I felt it exemplified me.

So what made me redesign my brand? Well just like everything else, as time goes on you mature and so does your style. I've grown my portfolio and services and it was time for a new, more sophisticated look. I've also recently joined the wonderful world of motherhood. My little guy makes me want to be the best mom and best person I can be. Motherhood is refreshing and it makes you realize the important things in life. I want this business to be something I'm not only proud of, but also my family can be proud of as well.

Alright, enough of the deep thoughts. Let's look at the process that led me to the new design. When beginning a branding project I ask my clients to fill out a branding questionnaire to get a better understanding of their business. So to get started I filled out my own questionnaire. It helped me refocus on my target audience and to understand my goal with the new design. I believe the best step in the process was picking three words that described my style. Easier said then done. The three words I settled on were classic, timeless and feminine. From there I created a pinterest board of images I thought fit those words. Here is the inspiration/mood board I created from my pins:

Red Lantern Creative Inspiration Board

With my inspiration board complete I was super excited to work on my logo. As a designer it is very hard to design for yourself. I created multiple designs with a hand drawn lantern and others with just fancy text. My favorite one was the design that matched my three words. It just goes to show that more is not always better and simplicity is best. Here is my new polished brand:

Red Lantern Creative New Brand

With my new brand I am excited to take on some new projects. I am accepting clients now. So if you're ready so am I. I look forward to hearing from you.