How to Add Tabs to Your Facebook Business Page

How to Add Tabs to Your Facebook Business Page

Have you wondered how to add tabs to your Facebook business page? It seems like everyone else has them so it should be easy. Read on for simple steps to follow.

Adding Tabs to your Facebook Business Page

Facebook tabs appear in the apps section of your Facebook business page. If you're not sure what I'm talking about here's a visual:

Facebook Tabs

The truth is adding tabs is confusing. When I first added them it took me hours. Seriously, it wasn't fun or as easy as I thought it should've been. When I rebranded I tried to remember how I did it the first time. Again another round of frustration.

I'd like to save you some time and aggravation by showing you how to add Facebook tabs by following these 10 steps:


Step 1: Go to

You might be thinking, "Wait, I don't add the tabs in Facebook directly?" The answer is no. Confusing right! Thanks Facebook for making this easy. Anyway, offers free static tabs for Facebook. Go ahead and make a free account. I chose to login with my Facebook account.


Step 2: Click on Static Tabs

Once you've created an account click on Static Tabs at the top of the page (Hint: It has the Facebook symbol in front of it. See blue tab below.). Then click Create a New Tab.

Woobox Static Tab

A list of free tabs will appear. You can choose from an HTML Tab, Pinterest Tab, Twitter Tab, Instagram Tab or a Youtube Tab. For the purposes of this example I am going to show you how to use the HTML tab. You can use the HTML Tab to link to your blog, Etsy shop, subscription landing page, etc.

New Tab Options


Step 3: Click on the HTML Fangate Tab

Scroll down the page until you see Page Source. Click on the Redirect tab. Then paste in the link to the page you want people to go to. The redirect option will automatically send people to the link you provide once they click on your tab. Once added scroll down again and click the Save Settings button.

Edit Tab Redirect


Step 4: Click back on the Static Tabs

I told you this was annoying didn't I. We're almost done. On the Static Tabs page you should now see the HTML tab you just created. It will say Welcome. Look to the right and click on the Facebook symbol. (It will say Tab Settings when you scroll over it).

Facebook Tab Settings


Step 5: Customize your Tab

Here's where you customize the image and name of your new tab. Add an image to your tab by clicking on change. The image needs to be sized 111 x 74 pixels. Then go ahead and rename the tab by typing in the Tab Name section. Click Save Settings when done.

Customize Facebook Tab


Step 6: Click back on the Static Tabs

Once you click back to the Static Tabs page you'll see your updated tab name. You can see mine says, Subscribe.

Facebook Tabs


Step 7: Login to your Facebook Business Page

This final step is to make sure the tabs are appearing on your Facebook page. Once logged in scroll down to the Apps section. You should see all your new tabs there. Make sure you click through them to check that they are redirecting/appearing like you want them to. Something to note: Only three tabs appear so if you've created more than three you'll need to click on the apps arrow. Only then will a box pop up with all the tabs.

Facebook Tabs Pop Up

What did I tell you. I'm sure you didn't expect to do all of this to create Facebook tabs. Luckily it's not hard if you follow my 7 steps. I hope I was able to save you some time. As a side note if you're not design savvy and you'd like some help creating the images for your tabs as well as a Facebook cover for your business page I'd love to work with you. Head over to my contact page and send me a note.

Tell me what you think in the comments section below. Was this post helpful?